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Organic Coconut Jam

Caramel sweet coconut jam.

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Ingredients; 100% coconut. 100% organic, coconut jam. Made by caramelising the flesh of the coconut with coconut nectar. Deliciously sweet caramel taste. Smooth texture. Preservative free, gluten free, suitable for those with nut allergies and vegan friendly. Ethically sourced. No monkeys are used in the harvesting of the coconuts. Packed in recyclable glass jars with BPA free lids. Rich in vitamins & minerals from the coconut nectar. Filled with healthy fats & fibre from the coconut flesh. Eat; Use as a delicious spread on bread or pancakes. Use in baked goods. Drink; Add to milkshakes for a decadent caramelly drink. Nourish; A spoonful straight from the jar is divine!