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Organic Coconut Nectar

Vegan honey

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Ingredients; 100% coconut nectar. The nectar from the stem of the blossom of the coconut palm. Harvested by traditional methods handed down generations of sap-tapper families. Coconut nectar has a smooth sweet flavour. Pure and unrefined, with nothing artificial added. Packed in recyclable glass bottles. With a lower glycemic index (35) than other sweeteners and a sweet caramel taste, coconut nectar is a fantastic natural alternative for all your sweetening needs. Coconut nectar is known to be high in zinc, iron, calcium, potassium and inulin, as well as antioxidants. Use as a direct replacement for honey or other liquid sweetener. Note; Depending on the harvest and season every batch can vary in colour and to a minor degree in taste as it is a completely natural extraction and production process which does not use any chemical refining or addition of additives or preservatives.