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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

100% natural coconut oil. Perfect for kitchen & bathroom

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Ingredients; 100% coconut. 100% organic, raw, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil. Light coconut aroma & taste. Smooth, creamy texture. Preservative free, gluten free and vegan friendly. Ethically sourced. No monkeys are used in the harvesting of the coconuts. Packed in recyclable glass jars with BPA free lids. Coconut oil has also been praised for its health benefits - containing a high proportion of Medium Chain Fatty Acids, and more specifically lauric acid. These types of fats are linked to various health benefits. The body burns these types of fat as energy rather than storing them in the body as fat. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial & anti-fungal, making it a great option for skin issues. Eat; for everyday cooking & baking, or as a spread. Drink; add to smoothies or to coffee. Nourish; use as a moisturiser, make up remover, for oil pulling.